Our Outlook

Anything lasting and strong that needs to be built, needs to be built on a strong foundation. The deeper the roots the taller a tree grows.

A good foundation of health is built by healthy food, lots of play and physical exercise, outdoor time and good habits. It is equally important to avoid junk food. Good health is pretty much the foundation for everything else in life.

While nature gives us challenges, it also has given us the strength and mechanisms to surmount them. Only if we are exposed do we build in resilience. There is sufficient body of evidence now showing that the allergies and other auto immune disorders that are on the rise in the industrialized world today are in part due the the excessive sterile environments that children are being born into. The immunity system does not get the environment to be trained. One should rather build a strong immune system so that children can play, get dirty, be exposed to the elements, and be none the worse for it.

We try to work in a system where we move from the near to the far, from concrete to abstract, from local to global, gross to subtle, frequently encountered to less frequently encountered.

What that would mean is for eg: we would start with fruits and vegetables they eat, few in number and then and actual examples rather than models, then only move to pictures and other models. Or with animals they see around, before we move to more exotic animals.

We find it a little strange that without a proper foundation in their own languages, schools, pre-schools are teaching exotic foreign languages which probably the children will never use in their life. Nor do they learn it so consistently that they become fluent in it. We would like to start with where the child is at, strengthen its mother tongue while simultaneously developing the other languages. Having a strong foundation in its native tongue and knowing the local language will help the child in its phonetics and grasp of English as well, not take it away from it.

Proper foundation in language is by getting a person to be fluent in it. A child very early, since it is born (or probably even in its womb:) starts by picking the sounds for a long time before it begins to say the first words. Listen->Speak- >Read->Write should be the general order in which one should learn a language. Too often in schools and pre-schools there is a hurry to start “writing” and show quick progress without really having spent sufficient time getting the foundation right.

Similarly, in subjects such as mathematics, it is better to work with something concrete, such as with materials, before we move to the abstractions. Here definitely the Montessori methodology has something to offer.