Welcome to Chilli Pilli Makkla Koota
ಚಿಲಿ ಪಿಲಿ ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಕೂಟಗೆ ಸುಸ್ವಾಗತ

We are a pre-school and activity center, tucked away in a corner of HSR Layout. We have a lovely place, nice greenery, forest behind, great views from where we run our place. We like being outdoors and our design is such that it gives you a feel you are outdoors even when indoors :). We have one of the the biggest and best outdoor play areas in HSR layout.

Why one more pre-school? When we see today's pre-schools, some fundamental questions pop up -

If you were to live in France, would you expect to see a pre-school there which has zero French? Yet, plenty of pre-schools here do not teach the local language at all or teach it superficially at best. Should not children be connected to the community they are growing up in ? If a child is speaking in its mother tongue, is it a mistake which needs to be rectified ?
We are consciously multi-lingual. Our goal is to make the child good at the local language (Kannada) and its mother tongue in addition to English. In addition to enriching the child's life with various cultures making her a truly multidimensional person, there is enough research to show multilingualism make a person smarter as well. And given the fact that our (Indian languages) are so well structured and rich, it is sad that we are denying our children an entire dimension of live. For a more detailed picture, you can go through our presentation here

Is it better for the child to be spending time in an AC room with media and eating junk food or playing outdoors, being with nature ?
As obvious as an answer to this question might seem, most pre-schools lack a decent outdoor space and cram children into a room for hours together.
Right from birth (and even before :), nature is doing an extraordinary complex job in helping the child grow and evolve, physically, mentally, emotionally. We should not hinder this process and only fill in where necessary. Children grow, develop physically, learn even in unstructured free play outdoors. Children learn spoken language fairly well even before a child comes to preschool. We would like to build upon these. Some more information about our outlook here.

What constitutes holistic education ? Everybody is talking about it. But some of the critical aspects of what constitutes holistic education are missed, as we have mentioned above as well as detailed here.
The Panchkosha (literally five sheaths or layers) gives a comprehensive model for an individual's human development. Covering these would ensure the integral development of the child.

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    >Emphasis on integrated & conceptual learning
    >Freedom is essential to explore and grow
    >Individualised with parents as partners
    >Learning is happening all the time.
    Inside and outside the classroom
    >Children are natural learners.
    We need to facilitate it


    >Multilingual school – English + Kannada + Mother tongue
    >Emphasis on holistic all round development
    >Montessori integrated curriculum


    >Homely environment, like an extended home schooling
    >Attractive nature friendly environment
    >Expansive outdoor play area

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