Language Development

Our motivation is to help our children learn our own languages better. We feel that todays generation are missing out on life, and will grow ignorant of an entire dimension. Not only will it help make their personality richer and multidimensional, it would provide the emotional connect and rooting so essential in tough times of life. Multilingualism results in more brain connections and helps in building a smarter person. This has been backed by good research. Add to that our languages are phonetic, alphabets are scientifically structured, more intuitive and logical, emotionally rich, it is unfortunate that we are not doing more to help the next generation become better at it.

Our purpose here is not to teach languages in an academic sense, this is not a tuition class. This is more first to get spoken fluency and an appreciation for its richness, music , poetry and prose. Once we have so much, academics will easily follow. We plan to have multiple Indian languages [Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and others as well]. Please register your interest below and we will inform you once this gets going.

Age Group: 4+ yrs

Weekdays @ 4:00 pm [1 language per day]
Weekends @ 10:00 am
Please state your preferred language and convenient time in the registration form, even if it is other than the one stated above.

Rs 900 / 12 classes; Rs 130 per class. Validity 3 months
The first five registrations get 8 free classes. So hurry up !

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